Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download files on the site?
We would like the participation of all, so we created the points system so that everyone can share their files and also download the files of the other participants.
The more you participate in the site the more points you will earn and the more vectors you can download.

I already have points and I can not download any files from the site. What to do?
To download the files we recommend using the computer with google chrome.
You can also right-click on the link and choose Save link as …

If you are using VPN please disable it since we have already had reports of people using VPN and had problems.
You can test the downloads on the FREE page.

How I can earn points in site to download files?
There are some ways to earn points on the site.
You earn 100 points for registering on the site.
Every daily visit to the site will add 20 more points to your account per day.
You can submit your files on the site to earn points.
To submit your drawings go to the submission page.
Wait for approval and receipt of your points.
After approval your file will be available for other people to download and with your points earned you can download files.
For those who just want to download the files we offer a points purchase page to help keep the site active.

Should the files be in which extensions?
Files must be zipped in extensions
DXF (Required) CDR EPS AI (Optional) zipped to 2D vectors
STL zipped to 3D models/reliefs

What is the limit to the size of the uploaded file?
The maximum file size allowed is 64MB.

The files sent through the download manager are approved and published immediately?
No! All files submitted are evaluated before publication and they can take up to 1 week to be published. The process is manual so that we can always leave the site with reliable vectors.

My uploaded file was refused, why this happens?
It probably violates some of the rules that are described on the submit page.

I found a file that violates my copyright, how do I request immediate removal?
Please send an email with the post link so that we can remove it from the site.

I can report a file with infringed copyright belonging to another person?
No! Only the original author or copyright owner can claim the violation of their rights.

Were the files 100% tested?
We can not manufacture all the projects that are sent to the site. If you have a problem with any of the files, please contact us by email so we can remove the post from the site and return your points.
With the participation of all we can only leave the drawings without problems.

I can not open the file I downloaded.
The files posted on the site are compressed. We recommend using the WinRAR software to be able to unpack.
After decompressing we recommend using CorelDraw software to work with vectors, with it it is possible to convert the files to other formats.
You can also try the online conversion site