Laser cut glass bottle case box free

Laser cut glass bottle case box free

DXF Drawings

– Carrying case for laser cut Mason jar


I can do a lot at home and have a lot of stone jars. This will help you take them with you to the office or donate some jars full of candy.


The cover is removable, the carrying handle is through. There is some free space inside each cell that can be used to add cardboard spacers or tissues.


It uses 1/4 ” plywood that can be cut into 2 1×2 sheets. The nominal thickness is assumed to be about 0.20 inches. This SVG is the second revision and I hope there will be one more.


The toes are a bit long for 0.21 “thick. In this example, I cut off the tabs with a chisel. It’s not required, but it certainly made sanding and sanding the urethane easier!